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Shooting fish in a barrel

To me as a photographer who likes to direct a photograph it is almost awkward to photograph a highly professional model like Alicia. It feels like shooting fish in barrel. Every pose she strikes is perfect. There is nothing to do for me but pushing my camera button and worrying if the flashes can keep up with the pace. The results were [...]


A sad week

I love Russia, or better I love the Russians. I have very little to state about the Russian government. To me it is a government like any other, maybe corrupt, but certainly not as corrupt as many other countries with the USA topping the list of dubious regimes. It was a sad week. The cover model Evgenia for the new series I am working [...]

Photo Blog

Evgenia – 2016

This photograph was not selected to be part of the upcoming exhibit “The Russians Are Coming!” although the portrait was shot during the same two weeks in Moscow at the Sunlight Studio. I believe this portrait is special and certainly not the kind of picture that easily fits in that particular series.